Artist Alley Rules and Regulations

Artist Alley Rules and Regulations

Heart of Comics, LLC is the responsible party that is promoting and organizing the Vermont Fan Fest.  The “event” is Saturday, October 31, 2020 and November 1, 2020. Any questions to these rules and regulations can be made to  

Any person applying for Artist Alley must agree to and acknowledge the standard Vendor Rules and Regulations.

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Additionally, any person applying for Artist Alley must agree to and acknowledge to the Artist Alley Rules and Regulations below:

Artist Alley Overview

The Artist Alley at the Vermont Fan Fest is a special area that will be curated for artists, writers, and small publishers. The area is located on the first or second floor of the show and is limited to 65 approved applications.

We anticipate a high volume of interest in the Artist Alley tables, and we will not be able to approve the application for every artist who applies for the Artist Alley. If you are not accepted, you will be waitlisted and might still have a chance for a table.

All applications will jury reviewed, considered, and scored via a standard rubric factoring the artist’s craft, creativity, execution, appeal to Vermont Fan Fest attendees, social media influence, and previous efforts of promotion with other conventions. Our jury process allows us to curate an Artist Alley that has a selection that is varied, meaningful, inspiring, and exciting for attendees while also being balanced and profitable for the artists. All decisions made by the jury will be final.

Table Details

One full Artist Alley table will be 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep. It will include one table, one chair, and two Artist badges/wristbands. A Premium table on the corner includes the same contents and features but will be near the front of the hall on a corner.

Table Displays

All set-ups and/or displays must not interfere with neighboring tables to either side or behind the Artist’s table. Any and all set-ups or displays may not block any of the aisles. Displays are permitted up to a maximum 8’ behind the table. Wire frames are permitted on the tables, but must be stable and secure, no more than 2’ off the top of the table, with no side facing materials.

An Artist’s display may not extend beyond the front or sides of the table and cannot extend more than 3 feet behind the table. Tables will back up to another artist, so please be courteous. There will not be any pipe or drape separating the tables.

The table must remain parallel to the aisle, no exceptions.

Table Rules

Due to space limitations only two individuals are allowed behind each artist table at any time. Only those persons wearing an Artist badge/wristband will be allowed to sit behind the table. If you have a helper, your helper must have an Artist badge.

Third Parties selling art is considered “proxy selling”. Selling by proxy is not permitted in Artist Alley or in Vendor Booths at the Vermont Fan Fest.

Table sharing between individual artists is not allowed. Artist Alley tables are non-transferable and are non-refundable 45 days prior to show.

Artists are expected to maintain a presence at their assigned booth during show hours.

Any artist who is found to be in violation of this policy will be removed from the Artist Alley with no refunds. No exceptions will be made unless permission is granted by the Vermont Fan Fest in writing prior to the show.